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To Be Someone You Can Trust

We treat every claim as a Partnership between our clients and ourselves. It’s a commitment that requires us to use all our skills and years of experience to fight your corner and to be open, honest and reliable in everything that we do.

To Maximize Your Compensation

Our clients range from toddlers to Oscar-winning artists and everybody else in between. Other Solicitors and medical professionals choose us to bring their claims. We work meticulously for all our clients and make sure that they get the highest amount of compensation possible.

To Be Transparent In Everything That We Do

We make sure that when we say that we offer a 100% No Win / No Fee Service, we mean it. We guarantee all our clients a minimum percentage of the award of the compensation they win in every case, so you’ll know exactly where you stand. We’ll insure your claim ourselves and we’ll pay for the insurance premium. Please see our pages ‘The Claims Partnerships Costs’ if you would like to find out more.

That We Are Experts At What We Do

Your claim will be handled by an experienced, specialist Solicitor, who is an expert in their field and with a proven track record of success. We will take the complexity and hassle out of the claims process and we will do it as efficiently and as quickly as we can.


  • Nothing is too much trouble and they will help you out with your other legal problems. They are easy to talk to and you are comfortable asking questions. There is no rushing you off the phone. They have become like friends and I would recommend them to anyone who needs help and guidance in a legal matter.

    Mrs V.O. (Wirral)
  • I am extremely grateful that you had the faith to believe in me and under the circumstances continued with your efforts to achieve results better than I had imagined. This was down purely to your expertise and professionalism.

    Mrs I.R. (Nottingham)
  • You are excellent lawyers and have gone well ahead and beyond of your formal duties to make sure my case reached a positive outcome.

    J.P. (Hertfordshire)


Do you help your client’s with their other legal problems and queries?

Yes. We like it that our clients feel they can trust us enough to call us about other problems in their life, knowing that we’re happy to help and without fear of being batted off or sent a bill. It’s what we’re about and lets us know that we are getting things right. We’re always available to help our client’s if they need help with any legal matter. If we can’t help them ourselves, we will recommend a solicitor who can and who we know our clients can trust. We are very happy to do this for our clients, both old and new.

How much compensation will I receive?

The amount of compensation you will receive depends on a number of factors, including

  • The seriousness of your injury, illness or complaint.
  • Whether you have lost earnings or wages, whether you have paid expenses and whether you will lose earnings or pay expenses in future.
  • How much extra support you have needed so far and will require in future.

Each case and each compensation award is different. Please Contact us if you wish to discuss in detail how much compensation you will be entitled to – even if we are not administering your claim -and we’ll be happy to help. There is no obligation to to use us after we’ve given you some advice.

How long will it take before my claim is finished?

This is a difficult question to answer, since there are lots of factors which influence how long it takes to administer a claim. If your claim is a straightforward RTA, where you have suffered a relatively minor whiplash type injury, then it may be possible for us to administer your claim in three months or so. However, if your claim is complex Clinical Negligence claim where you have suffered serious injuries, then these claims can take several years.

Much depends upon whether the Defendant in your case accepts that they are responsible for your claim. If they continue to deny responsibility all the way through, then it will be necessary to take your case to Trial. Don’t worry! Just over 1% of the claims we administer ever get to Trial.

On occasions, our client’s recovery from their injuries may be complicated and very occasionally we have to wait several years to be certain how their injury is going to be in the future. If one of our client’s condition is going to deteriorate, such that they will no longer be able to earn the same salary and provide for their family in the future, then it is important that we explore this fully, before we settle their claim.

At The Claims Partnership, we do not boast that we will administer your claim faster than anyone else. We always work as speedily as possible, but our priority is to provide a premium legal service, where every aspect of our client’s life and claim is explored and where our client compensation is maximised.

At the start of your claim, during our initial conversation, it should be possible for us to give you some indication as to the time frames for your claim. Please ask us how long we think the claims process will take and will do our best to let you know.

Please explain how your No Win/No Fee service works?

At The Claims Partnership, we try to make things as simple as possible. All our services without exception are offered on a No Win/No Fee basis. We have three simple rules which apply to all those No Win/No Fee claims:

  • We do not charge our clients anything until the day we pass on their compensation award.
  • We guarantee all our clients a minimum percentage of the compensation they will receive in every case.
  • We will agree that minimum compensation percentage with our clients before we start work on their claim.

We understand that approaching a Solicitor is sometimes intimidating and off putting. At all times, will do everything to explain everything to you clearly, in simple terms.

Please see our dedicated page on our No Win/No Fee Services.

Can I change from my current Solicitors to you?

Yes. It is a human right well established within English Law that a UK citizen is able to instruct the solicitor that they choose. This includes a right to change a solicitor part way through your claim if they are unhappy with their service. Please telephone or email us to discuss your situation if you would like to transfer your claim. We are frequently approached by clients injured in Road Traffic Accidents, whose insurance company have ‘appointed’ a solicitor to work for them. We are always happy to take over claims in these circumstances.

Can I use your services if I do not live close by?

Of course. The Claims Partnership have a nationwide client base. Approximately 75% of our clients do not live locally. We love to meet our clients in person where possible, but are able to provide the same levels of service and establish the same relationships, no matter whereabouts in the UK, or the world that our client’s live. A solicitor’s expertise is more important than location. We firmly believe that our skills are such that we can help you wherever you are.

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