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If you have any questions please give us a call on
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About The Claims Partnership

The Claims Partnership are a specialist No Win/No Fee Consumer rights solicitors firm based in Preston, Lancashire. We work on behalf of any individual who feels they have suffered an injustice at the hands of an organisation or individual. We have specialisations in claims for Personal Injuries, Accidents at WorkMedical Negligence and Cosmetic Surgery.

The company was founded by Paul Wilkinson in 2015, with a vastly experienced legal team, in order to establish a progressive and client orientated solicitors practice, which prides itself not just on excellent legal administration, but on the integrity, clarity and simplicity of its communications and relationship with its clients.

What is a Claims Partnership?

At the heart of the firm’s ethos is the belief that each claim we administer is a Partnership between the company and our client. Partnership’s come in different shapes and sizes, with many different purposes. Our Claims Partnership is one where we work with you in a joint enterprise to steer you through the claim process. Our mutual objective is to achieve the most successful and positive outcome for your claim.

Our Partnership starts from the moment you ask us to start work on your claim. From that moment, our interests run side by side and carry on for as long as you need us.

The Claims Partnership Responsibilities

Our Partnership Responsibilities

  1. To Be Someone You Can Trust
  2. To Be Expert At What We Do
  3. To Be Transparent in Everything That We Do
  4. To Maximize Your Compensation

Your Partnership Responsibilities

  1. To communicate with us in your own words.
  2. To communicate with us in your own time.
  3. To tell us what happened and how you would like us to help.
  4. To attend any appointments we arrange for you to help us win your claim.



Our  Values

The Claims Partnership was founded with a set of 5 values. These 5 values govern our relations with our clients, starting with the information we present to them in this website, throughout our administration of their claim and in the relationship we have with our clients when their claim has finished.

In every case, we seek to keep to the following 5 core values and ambitions:

  1. To act in partnership with all our clients, both during and after their claim.
  2. To meet our definition of a Partner, as being one who works in a joint enterprise for their Partner’s benefit.
  3. To be approachable and to communicate simply and transparently.
  4. To be efficient, comprehensive and to achieve excellence in the delivery of our services.
  5. To work with integrity and imagination.

We try to make sure that these 5 values are reflected in the levels of service and care we offer to our clients. For more information on how we do this, please see Our Commitments to You page.

Our Partnership Promise on Costs

In no other area of our operations is it more important for us comply with our Partnership Responsibilities and to apply our Values, than in the area of our charges. With this is mind, we have laid down three simple rules which we apply without exception to every single claim and to every single partnership we enter into with our clients. They are:

  1. We never charge our clients anything until the day they get their compensation payment.
  2. We guarantee that all our clients will receive a minimum percentage of the compensation they are awarded.
  3. We will agree the minimum percentage our clients receive with them before we start work on their claim.

To help our client’s understand our charges better, we’ve written a guide to all our charges called The Claims Partnerships Costs as well as a ‘warts and all’ guide for anyone who wants to understand Solicitors Costs better called Solicitors Costs; What you need to know!

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Case Study

A Train Station Employee Trips at the Entrance to the Train Station

Catherine worked as a Counter Assistant at a train station. She was walking into the station on her way to start work one morning. At the very entrance to the station was a small area covered with traditional paving stones. The paving stones were a little uneven. One of the paving stones was approximately 15 mm higher than the other one. As she stepped off it, she lost her balance, falling forwards and sideways and landing on her left arm. She suffered a serious fracture to her left arm and her left elbow.
Client Reviews
  • Alisa K (London)

    Without the Claims Partnership I doubt I would have received a compensation from Ryanair, glad I used their services. Thanks to Paul and Kallen.

    5 Star
  • Jeremy (South Wales)

    The Claims Partnership were very helpful and professional with helping me successfully win my work accident case I would highly recommend this company. Many Thanks.

    5 Star
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