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Fall at Work Claims & Compensation

Slipping or falling at work represent the most common type of employment accident in the United Kingdom, and many of these incidents justify pursuing a fall at work claim. In most cases, employees are injured through no fault of their own. Most slipping or tripping accidents could have been prevented if employers had fulfilled their legal obligations to make sure that employees were safe when carrying out their jobs.

To prevent slips and falls at work, employers should take specific actions:

  1. Maintain a clean workplace that’s free from spillages or trip hazards that could lead to falls at work.
  2. Provide employees with appropriate safety footwear to reduce the risk of slips and trips.
  3. Conduct thorough Risk Assessments to identify potential trip hazards and implement preventive measures to avoid accidents.
  4. Train staff to promptly clean up any spillages and place warning signs around the affected areas.

If you have experienced a fall at work or have slipped at work and suspect that your employer might not have taken all the necessary precautions to prevent the accident, The Claims Partnership can provide assistance. With a success rate of approximately 90% when winning claims for slipping and tripping accidents at work, we are here to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Common causes of slips, trips and falls at work

  1. Spillages and leaks from machinery or ceilings.
  2. Spillages and puddles created by careless work colleagues.
  3. Wet floors, including floors that have recently been mopped.
  4. Slipping on food or litter left on the floor, particularly in kitchens and communal areas.
  5. Uneven work floors, with holes, potholes or hard to see edges and steps.
  6. Ice and snow.
  7. Tripping hazards from trailing ropes or cables.
  8. Untidy workplaces with clutter and obstructions.

How can we assist you with your Fall at Work Claim?

At The Claims Partnership, we prioritise your best interests and are committed to delivering exceptional value and a high-quality claims service. We treat our clients with integrity and fight their corner. We feel confident enough in our skills and experience to say that – if it is legally possible to win your claim – we will win it for you.

Our Partnership Promise on Costs

At The Claims Partnership, we have three simple rules that apply to our Personal Injury Claims services. They also apply to all the other services we offer.

  1. We never charge our clients anything until the day they receive their compensation payment.
  2. We guarantee that all of our clients will receive a minimum percentage of the compensation they are awarded.
  3. We will agree to the minimum percentage with our clients before we start work on their claim.

For our Personal Injury Claims service, we guarantee that all our clients will receive a minimum of 70% of the compensation we successfully negotiate for them.

We can also help you with any medical or Rehabilitation needs that you have. Please refer to our Rehabilitation page for more details on these additional services.

Slipping and Tripping Injury Statistics

29% of all work accidents in 2017 were caused by slipping, tripping or falling accidents

Almost 111,000 people reported a non-fatal injury as a result of slip, trip or fall in 2017.

Almost half of the 111,000 people injured had to take over a week off work to recover from their injury.

Case Study

A Classroom Assistant Breaks Her Elbow After Slipping On a Wet Classroom Floor

Jenny* worked as a Classroom Assistant in a Primary School. Her job involved her in getting to school early each morning to prepare the classroom for the children's lessons that day. The floor of the classroom where she worked was half carpet and half floorboards. Shortly after she had entered the classroom, she stepped off the carpeted area to walk towards the sink. She did not know that the cleaner had been in the classroom and mopped the floorboards approximately 15 minutes before she had entered the classroom. The cleaner had not properly dried the floor after she had mopped it and had not left a Wet Floor sign on the floor, even though she knew that Joyce would be arriving shortly after she finished.
Client Reviews
  • Alisa K (London)

    Without the Claims Partnership I doubt I would have received a compensation from Ryanair, glad I used their services. Thanks to Paul and Kallen.

    5 Star
  • Jeremy (South Wales)

    The Claims Partnership were very helpful and professional with helping me successfully win my work accident case I would highly recommend this company. Many Thanks.

    5 Star
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