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Personal Injury Rehabilitation

What is Rehabilitation?

The aim of Rehabilitation is to try to restore an injured person’s former health and fitness. Any medical service which helps an individual to regain their former strength and fitness can be thought of as being a rehabilitation service. The most obvious example is physiotherapy, which works through massage and exercises to help restore muscle, strength and dexterity.

However, there are many other types of rehabilitation and many ways in which rehabilitation can help a person to get better. These ways include services as diverse as Counselling and Speech and Language Therapy. Rehabilitation can also encompass such areas such as Work Performance evaluations and Wheelchair Seating and Mobility.

How can The Claims Partnership help with my Rehabilitation?

There are some of our clients who do not need or will not benefit from rehabilitation. Nevertheless, our first task is to find out about your situation and to assess whether rehabilitation can help you. Our clients are often surprised by what help we can arrange for them.

Shortly after we have started our administration of a Personal Injury, Medical Negligence or Cosmetic Surgery claim, we talk to all our clients to find out about their situation and what can be achieved.

We will then consider with our Rehabilitation experts and contacts, what can be done. Once we have identified a treatment option or plan, we will approach the Defendant or the insurance company to seek to arrange funding for a rehabilitation programme.

This might sound ambitious, but The Rehabilitation Code 2007 places an obligation on Defendants and their insurance companies to provide rehabilitation to injury victims, even where they do not consider themselves to be at fault. Not every Defendant or their insurance company honours this obligation, but we are well used to persuading some of the most reluctant insurance companies to help our clients.

If the defendant or the insurance company has accepted responsibility for the accident and your injury, then we can arrange for rehabilitation fairly simply and easily.

We find that our clients who undergo rehabilitation at an early stage after their injury, recover quicker, get their lives back on track quicker and often settle the claims quicker as well.

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