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No Win No Fee Solicitors

Whether you’ve been injured at work, involved in a Road Traffic Accident or any other type of accident, the Claims Partnership No Win No Fee solicitors in the North West are here to help you.

Part of our assistance is to ensure that you receive compensation for an incident that wasn’t your fault, but the other part is to give you peace of mind throughout the whole process. That’s where No Win No Fee comes in.

What does No Win/No Fee mean?

You may have heard the phrase used a lot, but it is designed to establish trust between yourself and the solicitors representing you, by eliminating the possibility of risk.

The last thing you want to do when making a claim is put your own finances on the line, simply to pursue a wrong that was done to you in the first place. No Win No Fee ensures that if you are unsuccessful in making a claim, you will not have to pay a penny to your solicitor.

Not only that, but The Claims Partnership also take out insurance to cover you if anything does go wrong with your claim. We pay for it ourselves, even if you lose your claim and we don’t ask you to pay anything towards it.

Does it apply to all of your services?

All of our services are covered by a No Win No Fee policy, and we will always remind our clients of this prior to any agreement being made. It is important that each and every one of our clients understand exactly how the process will work, including the possible outcomes.

By always offering a No Win No Fee service, we ensure that you do not put any money at risk when pursuing a claim.

How much compensation will I receive, and when will I be paid?

Prior to every claim, we like to come to an agreement over a minimum percentage of the compensation you will receive in the case of a successful claim, and ensure you’re happy with this before we proceed.

In the outcome of a successful claim, we only charge a fee after the compensation has been passed onto you. Before that time, and even during the claim, we will not approach you for any form of payment.

For any further enquiries regarding the Claims Partnership or our No Win No Fee claims and policies, feel free to get in touch today. Alternatively, fill in the quick enquiry form at the bottom of the page, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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