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Whiplash Compensation Claims

With the Office of National Statistics reporting that 176,500 people were injured in road traffic accidents in 2017 alone, there can be no doubt that our roads are highly dangerous places to be.

After being in an accident, many people suffer from whiplash. This is because they have been thrown forward as their vehicle has crashed into another object. But what are the key facts about whiplash? And what should you if you are suffering from the main symptoms?

Whiplash & Traffic Accidents: The Main Statistics

  • Whiplash claims cost the insurance industry around £2 billion per year.
  • Approximately 7 claims for whiplash are made for every reported accident.
  • 1,710 people died in road traffic accidents in 2017.
  • Traffic levels increased by 4% in 2017.

A Specialist Whiplash Claims Solicitor

Here at Claims Partnership in Preston, we are highly experienced in dealing with road traffic accidents. But, why should you trust us to help you with your whiplash compensation claim?

  • All our clients will receive a minimum percentage of the whiplash compensation they are awarded, and we agree the minimum percentage before we begin our work.
  • We only bill our clients after they have received their compensation payment.
  • Anyone who uses our personal injury claims service will receive a minimum of 70% of the compensation we secure.
  • We can also help with any medical or rehabilitation needs that our clients may have.

What Should You Do After a Whiplash Accident?

First and foremost, you must always call the emergency services after being in a serious accident. Reporting the accident to the police and seeking medical attention is vital. Even if you only feel a slight stiffness in your neck, your symptoms could become much worse if you do not speak with a medical professional right away.

Secondly, you should secure as much evidence as you can. Obtaining the details of other drivers and witnesses is the right place to start. You should also take photographs of the damage done to your car, and jot down any details about the accident to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Finally, you should always be wary of dealing with the other driver’s insurance company. Usually, they will offer you money to stop you from making a whiplash claim. However, this is usually just a fraction of the amount that you could win in court. You should also think twice about using the solicitor appointed by your own insurance company. Your insurance company does not have a right to do this, and you can pick a specialist solicitor of your own choosing who will work best for you.

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